Armstrong's All Natural began when an artist and furniture maker in Brooklyn, NY grew tired of always having to change into his "nice boots" at the end of a day's work. "Why am I always changing in and out of boots? Why not just have one pair I can always wear?" he thought. So, he searched for an all natural product to keep his boots looking their finest, day-in, day-out. Of course, most products he came across were loaded with cheap petroleum by-products, artificial, synthetic, filler chemicals and the ones that claimed to be all natural seemed way too oily, therefore over-saturating his boots after the second application. Over a year later, and with the assistance of many eager boot wearing Brooklynite focus groups, the Brooklyn Boot Wax formula was perfected. For those that preferred the gentler aroma of an orange grove over the amazing, but for some overpowering smell of pine turpentine, Brooklyn Boot Shine was added to the roster. 

And from there, we grew. The more people that liked our Boot Wax and Boot Shine, the more people we had asking us to develop products for their specific needs. When our friend Joe asked us to create an all natural product that would bring back his cracked, dried out vintage leather messenger bag that had long been neglected, we started working on and developed our all natural leather conditioner. Friends in cafes and restaurants came to us to develop an alternative to their current method of keeping up their cutting boards: wanting to get away from using the petroleum by-product mineral oil, commonly used on cutting boards, we came up with a fantastic recipe utilizing cold-pressed grapeseed oil, beeswax and carnauba wax for our Butcher Block Wax. When we found out people were using our Butcher Block Wax as a skin salve and for everything else you can think of, and with the requests to expand our line, we developed and launched our apothecary branch of salves and soaps.

As we continue to grow and expand, we will always make it our priority to source natural, sustainable ingredients, even in our packaging. That means everything we offer is renewable, recyclable, or compostable. We are a small company. Our products are designed, developed and handmade in Brooklyn, NY. We are locally sourcing pure, natural ingredients that support sustainable farming practices in order to produce the highest quality handcrafted, artisanal products possible.